Retainers in St. Johns County

Ensure Your Smile Remains Flawless

With new, advanced technology in the orthodontic field, obtaining that smile you’ve always wanted is easier than ever before. Now that you have completed the orthodontic treatment necessary to straighten out your smile, your braces have been removed and you can run your tongue over the smooth surfaces of your beautifully straight teeth.

It’s now time to focus on maintaining your award-winning smile. Our St. Johns County orthodontic specialist can design a custom-made retainer geared toward keeping your teeth from naturally shifting as you age.

At Palencia Dental, we provide technologically advanced orthodontic care in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Our orthodontic specialist upholds a caring approach, maintains open communication with patients, creates a cheerful environment and delivers gentle care to even the most anxious patients. We obtain the advanced education, training, efficiency, and expertise necessary to treat even the most complex dental conditions.

Protect Your Orthodontic Investment with a Retainer!
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