Crown Installation in St. Johns County

Restore Your Mouth to Optimum Health

If you have suffered a fractured or broken tooth, a dental crown may be the appropriate measure to take in order to correct the situation. In addition, if your teeth are beginning to exhibit signs of damage such as stains, cracks or general decay, visit our office for a comprehensive examination. If we determine that a simple bonding or filling will not properly remedy the situation, we encourage you to opt for a crown.

Our dental specialist can take a mold of your tooth and design a crown that perfectly fits onto the damaged tooth. When it comes to repairing or replacing missing or broken teeth, our prosthodontic specialist can offer you a wide range of solutions geared to exceeding your unique expectations.

At Palencia Dental, we carry out specialized procedures and are well-equipped to treat any dental problem that involves restoring missing teeth or jaw structures. Our St. Johns County crown installation specialist upholds a caring approach, maintains open communication with patients, creates a cheerful environment and delivers gentle care to even the most anxious patients.

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